Crew District Track Bike

$ 425.45
Matte Black
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Crew Bike Co. has really put together the ultimate urban cycling machine, using quality parts and components to keep you on the road and ahead of the competition. Some featured components include the District frame which is made out of lightweight 6061 aluminum and designed with true track geometry. The bike build also features Crew's sturdy but lightweight carbon / alloy fork, the popular Redux wheelset, and their 48T track style crankset.

The District track bike comes available in 4 color options and is one of the best deals available on the market.

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The Crew Bike Co. District Track Bike embodies the spirit of the classic aluminum track bike.

Frame Material

6061 Aluminum



This fixed gear / single-speed bike is built for the true urban cyclist, the daily commuter, and the velodrome track competitor.

Gear Ratio

48T Track Crankset / 16T Fixed Cog


Crew Bike Co. Redux Wheelset